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The Company specializes in AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Drives, Motion Control, SCADA, and PLC system. The company has involved in various projects. It has successfully completed many new system designs, retrofitting works, and electrical & pneumatic systems. In addition to services, the Company also trades some standard products used in general industry such as Gearbox, AC motor, DC motor, Inverter, DC Drives, Servo Motor, various brand of PLC, sensors, and valves. The Company also provides in-house technical training in Industrial Control & Automation for technicians and engineers. Beside that, the Company also provide as a distributor, stockiest and importer for all types of power transmission components.


The company has been appointed by Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Automation and Drives Division as the distributor or System Integrator (SI).

Micromaster Inverter


Micromaster 420

Micromaster 430

Micromaster 440

Simoreg DC Drive

Simoreg DC Master

The SIMOREG DC MASTER family is available in every possible variation ?for a power range from 6.3 kW to1900 kW, for armature and field supply and for single/two or four-quadrant operation. And the SIMOREG DC MASTERs feature a highly dynamic response: Their current or torque rise time is significantly below 10 ms. You will always find the right variant for your application. And these are their most important characteristics:

  • For total integration into every automation environment
  • Modular expansion capability throughout
  • From standard applications to high-performance solutions
  • Redundant drive configurations up to 12,000 A thanks to intelligent parallel connection
  • Rated input voltage from 400 V to 950 V
  • Quick and easy start-up thanks to the fully electronic parameterization of all settings
  • Uniform operating philosophy

Siemens DC Motor

Siemens DC Motor

The same applies to DC motors from Siemens. Even if it has been forecast long ago that the end is nigh for them, we shall retain this technology. After all, in daily use the DC motors have for decades proved their worth; it is therefore not necessary to consider an alternative. Together with the SIMOREG DC-MASTER drive converter units they form the ideal drive set wherever competitive prices and high availability are required. Due to their compact design and modular construction, these motors can also be used in difficult installation conditions.
A wide range of construction units is available. Multiple surveillance and diagnosis options allow for a safe and disturbance-free operation.

SIMATIC Programmable Controller: S5 & S7

  Siemens Sinamic

  • Ranging from cost optimized controllers to complex system optimized solutions.
  • Integrating seamless safety for personnel, machinery and the environment with failsafe capable controllers.
  • Enabling failure-free operation thanks to the redundant structure of fault-tolerant high availability controllers.
  • Reducing interfaces with technology controllers for electrical or hydraulic motion control.
  • Utilizing flexible, open windows programming and reliable software PLC or slot PLC on PC-based controllers

Siemens PLC



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